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DeviantArt is excited to announce Sketch This – daily drawing challenges encouraging artists of all skill levels to explore new techniques, emotions, and subjects with their art, while having fun interacting with the Devian
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GLITCH ch2: Infected pg13 :iconozumii:Ozumii 277 51
A boy’s wish made true that night
To animate the smiling puppet
That sits in the corner, snug and tight
He sat there, still and lifeless  
With yellow eyes that pierced the soul
Gray was his body, stiff and motionless
With a face of terror it always showed
The creeping gleam that shined in its eyes
And the carnal smirk it wore were sure signs
That something about this doll wasn’t quite right
Yet the doll was bought for the lonely boy
A friend to play with, and to share his joy
But it wasn’t enough, for the poor lad
He wanted a real, breathing friend, so he wouldn’t feel quite so alone and sad
So in that fateful moment, just half-passed midnight
He chanted the wish to a star with all his might
To bring forth a friendly ghost
To take his marionette as its host
But every wish comes with a price
A lesson well learned that night
The walls were stain in red, with horror they bore
While crimson pools flooded and consumed the floor
Mommy was in pieces
Daddy was in
:icontheelegantshadow:TheElegantShadow 13 6
The Story of Banette
I sit by the dollhouse
I patiently wait.
I feel a bit scared
But she is never late.
The bedroom door opens
Brightening up the gloom
And my lovely owner
Walks into the room
She picks me up tenderly
With a big, loving smile
She hugs me with joy
And she does for a while
On the inside I smile,
I am joyful as well
As I’m in her embrace
My heart rings like a bell
Such was the routine
Of my loving girl’s day
She would hug me a bit
And then we would play
This little delight
Would go on for years
But this happy friendship
Would end with wet tears.
One day she came home
With a radiant grin
She had been late this time
Just where had she been?
She leaned down and said
She had a gift for me
But wait? What is this?
A live Clefairy.
I watched her at play
With her new little friend
But I knew she would stop
I hoped it would end.
But alas, it did not
I became neglected.
The Clefairy was better
And I was rejected.
As she grew older
She forgot about me
Her eyes were only
:iconinverse-dragon:Inverse-Dragon 123 28
'Ware The Fae
'Ware The Fae
To those who walk the secret places,
Open spaces,
By the meres
Through shadowed night and mornings bright
When deft sunlight
Through branches spears,
O'er the hills and e'er anon
When heights are won
And clouds enfold,
Or diving 'mongst the reefs of gold
And sights untold
And floating there,
Who, ming'ling with creatures of old
And fishes bold
And mermaids' hair,
Patrol the surf and dunes of sand
Along the strand
And listen
For the call
From Neptune's hall
Where the seashells slide and glisten
You who sleep among desert stars
When camel cars
Softly jingle,
Who through the dust and on the prowl
With coyotes' howl
Do mingle,
To those whose tracks lead ever back
To leafy scenes,
In jungles green,
And those who cross great grassy plains
Without trains
or contrails,
You who hearken to the Lady's call
And see it all
And ever
That she unveils for you to share,
If finding there
Then be aware that if you dare
If you use care:
You will find
That which ever onward trails
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A Guide to Undertale AUs
Submissions are temporarily closed. You can still submit, but I won't be adding them in for a while. I just need a little break from everything.
If you submit an AU and don't have a link, your submission will be deleted.

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Every single character in Undertale is changed. AUs that only affect some of the characters are not found here, nor are AUs that change only during the time Frisk is within the underground.
Basic Change (<-THIS IS A LINK)
The basic theme of Undertale is changed, flipped, or modified while still remaining in the same basic sto
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Midnight Shedow
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I am a young artist who loves to draw about anything.
I appreciate others work and respect their art.
I joined Devianart to show others my talent, make new friends, join fun groups, and become a better artist.
I became inspired to draw by all the wonderful art I saw by lots of people.
I do hope u would come to appreciate my art as much as I do urs.

Random Other Stuff:

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Fandoms im in:

Soul Eater
Black Butler
Dinosaur King

Other websites im on: (will add links soon)


Flight Rising:

Pokemon Legends:




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35 deviations
Hey everyone!
I have been gone for a LONG while on here, and im slowly coming back! A lot of things was keeping me from doing all the stuff i wanted to do (like life, school,my forgetfullness).
I have inproved quite a lot since the last time i posted, and im not gonna use any bases (maybe a few, but rarely) anymore!
I know i have stuff to draw for people i owe, which i need ya to tell me as i will get it done ASAP.

But first things first, what should be my first art be since im back?
* adoptables?
* a species of mine (closed or open)
* fanart of fandoms
* my oc's
* other?
just comment down below and i'll go from there

I hope that u all will enjoy my future content!
3 deviations


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i also fixed it
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